Thursday, November 20, 2008

Salami Pesto Paninis

So there's this sandwich shop here in Knoxville called Pimento's... they are similar to Panera but they serve an AMAZING salami panini that my husband is OBSESSED with. I tried to make something similar tonight. The result: SUPER YUMMY!!!!!


* 4 slices ciabatta bread for two people (we used asiago garlic ciabatta)
* 6-8 slices salami
* 4 slices pre-cooked bacon (we used turkey bacon)
* 2 triangles Garlic & Herb Laughing Cow Cheese
* Pesto sauce to taste


1. For each sandwich, spread Laughing Cow cheese on piece of bread and pesto sauce on other piece.
2. Add salami and bacon on top and put together into sandwich form.
3. Heat on griddle or panini press until done.
4. Enjoy!

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